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With an extensive range of active and passive safety features, D-MAX lives up to our commitment to get you home safely every day. 4x4 Crew Cab and 4x2 Crew Cab High Ride models achieve a maximum 5-star safety rating so you can have complete peace of mind.


The best accident is no accident, so D-MAX is packed with features to keep you out of trouble.

Reversing Camera

You'll have eyes in the back of your head with a reversing camera – perfect for tricky parking situations, hitching a trailer or reversing out of a busy driveway. (Available on LS grade models only – accessory available for SX/EX models)

Electronic Stability Control

The ultimate in active safety. Through a network of sensors throughout the ute, ESC can detect if you are over or understeering. It then commands ABS, TCS and the engine management computer to make sure you stay in control. It’s like a third hand on the steering wheel, keeping you safe.

Emergency Brake Assist

In emergency situations, drivers can often panic when hitting the brakes. EBA detects emergency braking and takes over for you, applying maximum pressure to dramatically reduce stopping distance.

Anti-lock Braking System

The D-MAX ABS ensures your wheels don’t lock up when braking in an emergency.

Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control electronically applies the brakes to ensure a smooth, controlled decent and will give you the confidence to tackle tricky downhill terrain.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights help improve the visibility of your D-MAX to others on the road even when your headlights are not turned on. (Available on LS grade models)

Electronic Brake-force Distribution

EBD spreads braking power to wheels that need it most, at the front or the rear, based on the load you are carrying. When fully loaded, this dramatically reduces your stopping distance.

Traction Control System

If the D-MAX detects any wheel spin the TCS applies brake pressure to the over-spinning wheels and gives you better control.


A longer wheelbase, wider wheel track and a low centre of gravity make the D-MAX more stable when turning corners or changing lanes at freeway speeds—even when fully loaded.

Hill Start Assist

For added driver control and safety, the electronic brake control will automatically engage the Hill Start Assist to prevent vehicle roll-back when starting on steep gradients (above 5.7 degrees).


As much as the D-MAX is designed to prevent you ever having an accident in the first place, we have to have some fail-safes.

With front, side and curtain airbags—plus pre-tensioner seatbelts that pull back when the airbags are activated—you and your passengers are protected on all sides.

Constructed from high-tensile steel, the D-MAX cabin offers outstanding strength and rigidity. In addition, anti-intrusion bars provide increased protection in event of a side impact.

D-MAX's impact absorbing bonnet reduces the chance of injury to pedestrians in a collision.

D-MAX’s large chassis rail cross-section provides exceptional impact energy absorption in the event of a frontal impact.


If you’re unlucky enough to have an accident—or even if you happen to get stuck somewhere—we’ve still got your back. Every Isuzu D-MAX comes with a 5-year premium roadside assist package. So if you ever need help, it’s just a phone call away.

Isuzu UTE’s 5-Year Roadside Assist is provided by the most respected motoring organisations in each state: